Hello, my name is Keval Mehta, and I’m a UI Designer based in Vancouver.

Before delving further into my background, let me share an interesting childhood anecdote. I was an average student academically, which meant I didn’t receive much attention from my classmates, something we all yearn for during our school days.

However, I always harbored a spark of creativity within me. During lectures, I would occasionally doodle on the last pages of my books. To my surprise, my friends enjoyed these doodles and often requested similar ones in their own books. That’s when I resolved to explore this talent further and pursue a career in design.

While there are countless quotes and sayings about design, for me, it’s quite simple: it brings me joy, and I can effortlessly spend hours engrossed in it without feeling fatigued. Design has not only provided me with a sense of identity but also set me apart from others.

After studying graphic design for three years and working in a reputable ad agency for two years, I found myself drawn to something more interactive. While graphic design allowed me to create visually appealing posters and billboards, it lacked a certain level of engagement. This realization led me to transition my career to UI Design. As a UI Designer, I gained insights into how the human mind operates and interacts with various devices. Designing interfaces that cater to users ranging from a 10-year-old child to an 80-year-old grandma became my new goal—to deliver designs that are not only user-friendly but also visually captivating.


There’s no greater satisfaction than witnessing people utilize the apps or websites you’ve designed and knowing that, in some small way, you’ve contributed to making their lives easier.