UI/UX Designer, Visual Designer

UX Research, Visual Design, Branding, Prototyping, Illustration, Motion Graphics, Video Editing

Team Size
1 Designer – 5 Developer

Jan – Apr 2022 (4 Months)

Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier Pro


Pomodee is a productivity tool that helps users manage their time effectively and stay focused on their tasks. The goal of the project was to create a user-friendly and visually appealing platform that would make time management accessible and enjoyable for users.


According to a May 2021 survey by the American Psychiatric Association (APA), nearly two-thirds of people working from home feel isolated or lonely at least sometimes and 17% do all the time.

After the pandemic began, we have had far more opportunities to work or study remotely. Even though remote working has benefited us in terms of commuting and productivity, on the other hand, it has caused us a huge problem: mental illness.

User Flow

User Research

Approached the project by first conducting extensive research on the target audience and their needs. Created User flow, wireframes, and prototypes to test different design concepts and identify the most effective solutions. The feedback from the users helped us to make informed design decisions and improve the overall user experience.

Interview Questions

  • How has the pandemic impacted your productivity and ability to complete tasks on time?
  • What specific challenges have you faced with regard to productivity during the pandemic?
  • Have you tried any strategies or techniques to help you stay productive during this time? If so, what has worked for you?
  • What resources or support would you find helpful in improving your productivity and completing tasks on time?
  • How do you manage your time and prioritize tasks? Have you found that your approach has changed during the pandemic?
  • Have you experienced any changes in your motivation or focus during the pandemic?


Instead of striving for productivity solely for the sake of being productive, aim to be productive in a way that enhances your enjoyment of life.

Pomodee is a brand-new type of Pomodoro timer app, which is “fun-and-network-driven.” This makes it different from the other existing Pomodoro timer apps, which are “productivity-driven.” Pomodee enables users to connect with others, share their accomplishments with the world, and collaborate in real time with their friends and colleagues.


The main feature of our app is managing time with fun and the users should be motivated to work hard. In order to make the whole process more fun and enjoyable, I introduced avatars on the app which change based on the number of completed cycles. Starting from the Beginner level it increases towards the Legendary level. The expression of avatars is such that users get motivated and will help in reducing stress.

Profile Avatars

Once users sign up, their first step is to choose one of the avatars as per their preference. Instead of a profile picture, I decided to use some avatars because they can help users identify and differentiate themselves from others in a more engaging and memorable way. I think avatars can allow users to express themselves in a way that a traditional profile image may not. They have a color scheme that suits the app. I made sure to keep consistency in the roundness of shapes and contrast of colors.

UI Kit

Final Product

Here is the final product, a web-based platform with a clean and minimalistic design. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing users to quickly and effectively manage their tasks. The platform also includes a range of helpful features, such as cycle counts, progress tracker, and reminders, to help users stay on track and achieve their goals.


The web page provides a timer that counts down 25-minute intervals, helping users stay focused and on-task during each cycle. Once a cycle is completed, the timer starts a short break of 5 minutes, during which the user can take a quick break, stretch, or get a drink of water.


The platform allows users to invite their friends or colleagues to join their productivity challenges, creating a sense of healthy competition and accountability. Users can compare their productivity metrics to their friends and see who is ahead in the challenge, providing motivation to stay on track and work towards their goals.


Users can create profiles and connect with friends on the platform, allowing them to view their friends’ productivity metrics. Users can also see how their own metrics compare to those of their friends, enabling them to identify areas where they may need to improve or adjust their approach to work.

Web Prototype
Mobile Prototype